Clearly, this is a far-seeing metaphor...

...for the damage done by the Gulf spill, and the challenges of cleaning it up. I mean honestly, what else could it be?


  1. Problem with the video. Got another location for it?

  2. Where has it gone?

    The metaphor thickens:

    Experts don't know what the oil is doing to the complex web of offshore life. Most of their experience is with shallow-water spills that quickly bleed black goo onto beaches that are cleaned up relatively quickly.

    The BP well blowout, 48 miles off the Louisiana coast, is different. Oil is gushing from a tangled, broken pipe lying on the seafloor nearly a mile beneath the surface. The leak will be a month old this week, and if it is not stanched by then, it will have spilled about 6.3 million gallons.

    "We have no idea where the oil that isn't reaching the surface is going," said James Cowan Jr., an oceanography professor at Louisiana State University. "It could be anywhere."