The truth shall set you free

It's "all very complicated"...

Or not...

The scientists should have talked to one of our bartenders, first. It all comes down to the same thing in the end.

It's all a matter of perspective...and proportions...

The truth shall set you free...

I say half a dozen glasses of this before a press conference should do---for starters.

As a matter of fact, it ought to be made mandatory: no more sober politicians.

I mean, imagine, George W. Bush off the wagon. Clearly the man was never meant to quit drinking---a world of good it did him. Had he kept drinking... Who knows? He may have become one of our most popular President to date. (Our loss, I am sure.)

They ought to make it a law. And it should apply to any government or corporate spokesperson (so hard to tell them apart nowadays).

It could help redefine the face of politics...

In any case, it would certainly make politics more interesting.

You lie - take another drink!

And help avoid awkward embarrassing Carol Browner moments, such as this one:

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