Are the eyes really windows to the soul?

It says here that the shape of the eyes as well as their size may also show the character of their owners:

Stay tuned and don't miss the next exiting installment of Animal Planet, in which some of our best and brightest will explore the age-old question:

Matter does size?

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  1. Now what kind of size are we talking about now?

    The lady in jeans and a black shirt is intriguing. Did she have to get a quick feel? Was it archeological? Was she trying to connect with our ancient ancestors? Was she thinking of Vesuvius or of life in other ancient historic sites? Was this scientific? Philosophical? Or was she thinking of going to a neighborhood bar (Not the Wulfshead, but one in Italy? Rome? The museum of historic relics in Naples?) that night? Or perhaps sooner? Looking for the real thing?

    I'm sorry I can't ask her. For that moment in her life is indeed intriguing.