I agree with pretty much all of this...

...column about why Rachel Maddow is somebody, and becoming even moreso.

Perhaps the main thing I'd add to the writers' theories about why this is so, is that I think she's cute as a button. This is hardly very relevant, but it is true nevertheless.

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  1. And there was Maddow walking around, all six feet of her, in flack jacket and helmet, looking brainy, butch, and fundamentally decent. Decent and real as a human being. And as for her coverage of Afghanistan she gave us what must have been one of the truest reports which have appeared so far on TV from that war. One which actually took the viewer there, even if briefly.

    Her conclusion: Afghanistan is a quagmire. None of us like seeing our country lose a war but a time comes when the costs in lives and treasure have to be weighed against the realities. And that time has long come, no?