Not again!

Let's face it, Quinty got it right, the GOP was in an untenable position:


Good luck with that and the GOP brand during the holiday cheer.

That was until Obama's new deal, that is.

Now the headlines read - I quote (front page of the LA Times):

You've got to be kidding me.

So, now, if the deal falls throw and unemployment benefits are allowed to expire during the holidays, let me see, it's gonna be the Democrats' fault, right? (On the bright side–who knows?—perhaps Dennis Kucinich or someone else will get another Air Force One ride out of it.)

I can hear Robert Gibbs already: Here they go again, these damn heartless, soulless radical "obstructionist progressives," first, they threatened to block Health Care Reform because it was "not perfect enough" for these loons ("Do they want little Timmy to die?") and now they want the jobless to go hungry during Christmas.

Why does the President keep on placing his own Party in these self-defeating positions–again and again?

That's no compromise, it's capitulation!

Whose side is he on, anyway?

And who runs that crooked casino?

I want another deck of cards.

And while I am at it, I think I am going to want another dealer, too.

The House had passed a bill to extend tax-cut to middle class. The pressure was on Republican congressmen to vote yea on it—or else dare vote nay and pay the political price.

Same with unemployment benefits extension.

As a matter of fact, a senior Republican in the U.S. Senate said today that emergency unemployment benefits probably would have been extended for a short period of time even without the compromise on the Bush-era tax cuts hammered out by the White House and GOP leaders.

The Democrats were doing just fine—thank you very much.

What Obama has done is unconscionable—and short of betrayal—especially in view of the fact that the Democrats were kept out of the loop when the deal was made.

UPDATE: On the front page of the LA Times, today (12-08-2010).

This takes the cake!


  1. Exactly what I was thinking.


    Of his own party.

    Although, we need to rethink that one.

    And soon.


  2. The House Demos have pretty much nixed the Obama/Republican deal. That latest development has just made the news.

    That Obama made this deal with the Republican leadership without even involving the House and Senate Democrats is incredible. Is this indicative of a presidential meltdown? Has Obama become overwhelmed? Is the job just too big for him? For whatever his motives he had to know that no plan could succeed without the leadership's approval. Did he think he could just walk by with this?

  3. Obama got played like a fiddle. I thought Biden was there to help guide him through congressional deal making stuff.

    Where is Tip O'Neal when we need him?