Shane on you!

How does media shape public opinion?


Case in point. Take Shane Goldmatcher's article on the front page of today's edition of the Los Angeles Times, for instance:

Note: For those of you looking for the online edition, the title has been changed already to:
Poll illustrates California voters' anger.

I quote:

Gee, I wonder why that is, Shane?

Lemme see...could it have anything to do perhaps with how the media pundits and political hacks, including President Obama and Shane Goldmatcher himself, have been framing the issue?

I quote:

Strident pro-government rhetoric?

Whoa! Gag me with a spoon. We don't want that, now, do we?

What would a "more nuanced" Democratic message ought to be now, pray tell?

Shh! Let's pay close attention now; Shane the nuanced one is speaking:

"Rollback of Corporate taxes" and "targeted spending cuts," quoth Shane Goldmatcher, that's what a more nuanced Democratic message is!

Now, you know.

And, just for the record, Shane is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Makes you wonder what it is they teach at Berkeley, these days?

Probably some of the same thing they teach at Harvard, no doubt . . .

Or Yale . . .

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  1. ....Nuanced Democratic message.....

    Which is PRECISELY why, after 40+ plus years as a registered Democrat, I am now a registered Independent!

    "I didn't leave them; they left me."

    Member that one?:) Ole Strom. I live there now.(: