You Can't Go Home Again

Yes...well...uh...I am not entirely sure this is quite exactly how Thomas Wolfe meant the present context. And...ah...I mean, the gentlemen are welcome to stay at The Wulfshead for as long as they want to, of course.

But, the gentlemen do realize that...eventually...they DO have to go back home again, don't they?

Think of your people, Sire...


  1. Can one go home again?

    "...Arthur’s grave is nowhere seen, whence antiquity of fables still claims that he will return."
    —William Malmesbury

    The mystery thickens.

    The Breton and Cornish (1113 AD) did believe that Arthur still lived—many are who still believe so today. A number of locations have been suggested for where Arthur would actually return from.

    Some say Avalon.

    Another tradition holds that Arthur is awaiting his return beneath some mountain or hill. Others have taken it as a tale of Arthur's residence in an underground (as opposed to an overseas) Otherworld.

    Other less common concepts include the idea that Arthur is absent leading the Wild Hunt (they say that on wild winter nights the king and his hounds can be heard rushing along near Cadbury Castle), or that he has been turned into a crow or a raven.

  2. Why, the secret is not mine to reveal ;-)

    You know how it is...what happens at The Wulfshead stays at The Wulfshead.