Another Wulfshead Portal?

Other inns and taverns catered to pilgrims and knights on their way to the Crusades in the Holy Land. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, established in 1189, claims to be the oldest pub in England and has cellars which are carved from the rocks beneath Nottingham Castle.
I saw this entryway at Dark Roasted Blend, stepped through, and look! Here I am! Speaking among what seem to be almost exclusively American guests, I have to say the idea of any building standing for 820 years is pretty stunning.

Speaking of stunning, I recently joined facebook (profile), and reconnected, literally in minutes, with many of my old high school classmates from Athens, Ohio (AHS '77). It's been a very nice week- pretty much making up for the 90-degree-plus temperatures of the past few days. I'm not sure, though, that my pleasure at reconnecting with all my old friends will compensate for the triple digit temperatures forecast for the next four days.

So, in closing, the correct answer is as follows: "Why yes, thank you! I would be most pleased to accept an ice-cold beer."


  1. Greetings from Athens! I thought that grizzled face looked like Southeast Ohio. I've only been here 25 years, so still am considered an outsider. Did NOT go to AHS (worked there though) or OU. Fine by me if I don't fit in: that's why we come to The Wulfshead.

    Ah yes, those olde trips to Jerusalem---and alas for the heads that had to roll on the way. Boys will be boys. Nor sure this inn is very Wulfsheadian. Perhaps we should reconsider.

  2. This may not be an "authorized access point," as noted above right, but it was the access point that inspired me to stop by in person, rather than simply reading the reports as they come in. It's much harder to share in the conversations via RSS.