Grapefruit moon


  1. What's that dude doing lying on his mattress? is that where he sleeps? Is he waiting for his date? Does he have a problem with reality?

    Look at his surroundings. They lack the nitty gritty of everyday life, getting up for the job, caring about everyday concerns. Beauty is beauty, but still, this lacks the quivering link all art has with truth and reality.

    Maybe he should put his pants on and come out to the bar? Bring his girl along too. Buy a few drinks. Does he expect the spirits on distant moons now to speak to him? Or has he grown cynical and no longer cares? Has he decided a good fino or arguadiente would be more to his taste? Maybe a shade of chilled blue, vodka that is.

    We probe, and probe, and get nowhere. But we can make good photos of distant stars. While down below, here on Earth, we struggle with our ancient existential problems. That guy on the mattress looks like he has found his nesting place. An ideal escape.

    But has he?

  2. Perhaps the man is just simply caught in a dream, sir.

    Maybe he is dreaming about what he had the night before for dinner. Or about that girl he has asked on a date.

    Maybe he is just dreaming about the last half billion years.

    Or is it the last half billion years dreaming him?