Grapefruit Moons

I wouldn't know, sir. Grapefruit diet recipes vary from place to place. Patrons seem to think that it still makes for a decent happy hour special. Not me, sir. I don't drink the stuff, I just mix it.

2 parts vodka, sir,
1 part grapefruit juice,
1/2 part (splash) of Cointreau,
and a slice of grapefruit for garnish.

The gentleman is correct. The song is indeed a parody of Cherry Poppin' Daddies's Zoot Suit Riot.

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  1. Strange a mention of Zoot Suit Riots should turn up today. On July 2, 1944, Norman Granz staged the first Jazz At The Philharmonic concert in LA, which featured Nat Cole, Les Paul, JJ Johnson, and Illinois Jacquet. The event was a benefit to raise legal defense money for a few racial minorities who were arrested during the actual and infamous Zoot Suit Riots earlier that year. The media dubbed the demonstration a riot, and also referred to the manner of dress worn by the Mexicans and blacks who were demonstrating. White sailors and marines on leave had begun to beat up people they saw wearing such garb. Some ugly history. Check Wikipedia for more details.

    As a jazz fan, of course I'm proud our guys were in there for civil rights from the gitgo. The concert is available on CD from Verve.