This Calls For Another Stein

Ah! the news is that The Wulfshead might soon benefit from the assistance of yet another substitute bartender, I wonder who it will be this time?

It takes all kind. And frankly, I can use all the help I can.

Why, some of The Wulfshead's clientele has been getting quite literary of late. One of the patrons, I heard, is reading The Grapes of Wrath. And the word is that the gentlelady of the West has read hundreds of thousands of books.

While some of the patrons here are very well-read indeed---always such a pleasure listening to them talk---there are also those who have not read a book in their life. Why, there is even one patron here who wouldn't get caught dead with a book in his hands.

Me? I like books...

I am sorry...what was it that you were saying?

The book on the counter?

Ah, yes, they say that there is something about it that is very much like "Waiting for Godot."

No, the book is not mine, sir.

The librarian must have left it there.

The Wulfshead does have quite an impressive library, didn't you know?

Yes, the librarian is an old acquaintance of mine.

He must have left the book here, as he was walking out in company of... of...

I did not quite make out who it is he was with. Darius Whiteplume, maybe?


  1. Dr Ziaus? I wonder. Cake and ice cream for everyone!

  2. Or is is Dr Zaius? I have a bit of dyslexia which is my excuse for never learning to spell.

  3. I hope I haven't stepped in too soon upon the tails of this post?! I admit... I got a tad excited at the prospect of running the bar all by myjinself. When given free reign in a classy joint like this, with such phenomenal clientele, how could I wait just a minute longer? Plus that outfit you left for me to wear was hawt! ;-)

    Books... ahhh... I might need to tuck my current obsession out of sight of the patrons as I daren't offend anyone. (I am on a Mary Roach kick. Just finished off "Stiff", have "Spook" on the way & am ready to delve jinto "Bonk".)

    P.S. Can order one of those steins with my photo emblazoned upon it? What's that? Yes I am modest! Am too! :-P

  4. That's SubTender for you: hawte kooture all over. Having finished Stiff, you might move on to Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man. Susan Faludi. Another great lady!

  5. That reminds me of a long, late night drinking wine, and spent much of the next day reflecting on the meaning of The Wrath of Grapes.