What's your pleasure?

"Ahhh... now this looks workable!" She spoke aloud even though the joint was empty- certainly a rare occurrence at the Wulfshead. Alas, 'tis summertime, when people tend to to choose the outdoors over the camaraderie of jintelligent beings.

But I know how to fill the place again, "Oh yes I do!" After all, this is one substitute bartender who knows exactly what must be done in order to draw a jinteresting crowd.

She bustled about in the tiny kitchen behind the bar, humming & swaying, whilst she concocted her edible magick.

"This will bring them round, for sure!"

Hours passed like minutes until she was ready & everything was perfect. She decorated obsessively with jintoxicating tidbits; mini feasts adorning the bar, accurately measured at a length of every-other-barstool (to promote convo between the patrons you see ;-).

"Ten minutes until opening! Oh my!" She quickly slipped into the barmaids uniform that was left for her in the ladies room, purposely leaving the top 4... errr... make that 5- buttons undone.

A glance in the mirror confirmed that whomever chose the outfit knew exactly what size she wore... how very creepy yet jinteresting!

She lifted the hefty chalkboard sign on her way to unlock the front door.

As she placed the sign strategically on the sidewalk in front of the bar she heard the gossipy chatter of the locals... whispering about the Wulfshead. As if in a dream, she couldn't make out a single word which led her to wonder, yet again, exactly how it all began...


  1. Do they have tapas here too?

    Wine may not go so well with pastries, but a fine liqueur would. A little pinch of the stuff to go along with a fine chocolate drop. Impregnated, perhaps, with a good cognac.

    A puff, a released scent, a bit of promise in the air. And the chocolate melts smoothly over a languid tongue. Follow it with a sharper scent, the raw stuff in the glass, and......

    by god I'll soon fall off my barstool! Right onto my ass!

  2. Ahhh.... dearest Quinty, of course we have tapas for you! Let me run in the back, I will fill your tummy with the most fabulous savouries jinmaginable!

    Oh & no worries luv, I shan't let you fall off your barstool... I've superhuman type reflexes when it comes to catching falling items, be they pastry or human. ;-)

  3. You know Paul, I share your approval of this substitute jinnkeeper. However, I seem to be developing a stiff neck craning for a jintriguing glimpse everytime she leans toward me. She may be able to catch 2 of us at a time, but if another guy arrives you or I may hit the deck.