Something about Susan

I checked her out too, sir.

Do you think she was hitting on me?


  1. As far as I know---which distance seems to lessen by the hour---I never have had even casual relations with an android. Nor have I thought of the Bartender as such a being.

    I do know someone who may be either an alien or an ascended being. I doubt she ever has been to a Wulfshead outlet...but she does descend occasionally (or emerge from the mothership behind the sun) and such visitations always are enlightening.

    I do not have dreams or fantasies about either aliens or adroids...but I'm always open to change. I have enough trouble with the various ape people who show up here, though I'm not aware I have any desires for them either.

    However, should Susan and Bartender be compatible (there being no Windows Vista in the picture) I certainly will rejoice and wish them many positive up and downloads. I trust there are rules governing the clatter of little feet around the tiled floors.

  2. Uh, what about Frankenstein stumbling around?

    I just saw him go out and vomit up about ten hours worth of drink. What will people think? And when he went into the men's room he tore the urinal out of the floor. Something about it he didn't like. The smell of the disinfectant cakes on the bottom, perhaps. I know I'm not supposed to tell on other customers. But really. Frankenstein sometimes goes too far.

  3. I'm beginning to wonder about Quinty's run-ins with Frankenstein. There are several witches and ghouls that frequent the club, but generally I think they're here just to hang out rather than practice horror. Is it possible Quinty has an alter ego he is projecting? Dr. Jin, have you a pastry to recommend for such a condition?

  4. I'm wondering if perhaps Quinty is that Vampire looking fellow with the dog in the front of the photo

  5. //I do know someone who may be either an alien or an ascended being. I doubt she ever has been to a Wulfshead outlet...//
    ~@jazzolog (8/30/09 2:31 AM)

    Aaah, they do say that the road to hell is paved with Powerful Intentions, or something to that effect, do they not, sir? I think the gentleman might be wrong about the ascended lady never having been to a Wulfshead outlet. I might be mistaken about this, but I think her name is Seven of Nine, and I do vaguely recall her lecturing about why her community consider Karaite Judaism to be inferior to Rabbanite Judaism. She contended that the Rabbanite collective has "harmony" whereas the Karaites are "conflicted" and "every individual entitled to their own small opinion", or something to that effect, sir. I would tell the gentleman more about it, but Frankenstein had fallen asleep over his beer and it was hard to make sense of anything else the ascended lady had to say over Frankenstein's rather loud snoring.

    The lady didn't seem to feel that Frankenstein was attracted to listen to her in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way. And she left in a huff. I haven't seen her again ever since. Is she a friend of yours?

  6. Yeah, you gotta be positive. You gotta be positive.

    Am I awake? Yeah, I think I am.

    Boost, don't knock! If you gonna be a square you ain't gonna get nowhere.

    Here's to the grand old flag! (Waving my worn ten gallon hat around rodeo style up in the air, grounded on the solid suppor of the bar stool, or seat, whatever kind they have here. Wake up, I say. Wake up! Got that furry taste in my mouth from sleeping long at the bar. Was that me snoring? Need a transplant. Not that kind, the liquid kind. Gimme that bottle. I'l bite the neck off and swallow the bottle whole. Last time I was operated on they took out a Florida license plate, two bird cages, an old inner tube, and a hat from the Mexican American War. In fact, it's the hat I'm wearing now. Whoop and a holler: where's my pal Dracula? Lemme at that men's room. Outa the way, sucker. You ain't gonna get nowhere if you gonna be a square. Damn I need new shoes. These size thirties are getting too tight.