It's a fact that a small part of America is dumb, really, really dumb. As a matter of fact their ignorance is so extreme it is time to give them a real moniker. So, from this day forward they shall be known to all as "Dumbers." They are the blind followers of the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Blubberbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and etc. They are the "got miners" who reject the notion of helping those who are not as blessed. They are Christians all, and bigots to boot. Intolerance is their battle cry, and hatred marks their mission. Here is an example of their Christian love:

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  1. God, one pot bellied guy created all that commotion? They were fired up, alright, though C-SPAN's coverage, the two hours I saw, made everything appear pacific. No hate language from anyone who showed up at the podium, just the usual "Democrat tax and spend leading to Socialism" stuff. With some serious twisting of what the healthcare reform bills are all about. A dash of immigrant bashing. No mention of Iraq or the Middle East or of Bush's former glories.

    You know, these Democrats, progressives, whatever, just want to bring universal public healthcare to everyone in the country. You would think, from the opposition's antics, that they were attempting to introduce child prostitution into every public school and household across the land. The irrational, when it is as deeply ingrained as this, might yet choke this country, and the world, to boot. Next comes energy. This boat has barely left the dock.

  2. Has anyone noticed what it is that all those rabid folks have in common? They are 100% white, they are in many cases not particularly well educated or informed (witness the plethora of misspelled signs based on mis-information disseminated by Fox not exactly news) and they are convinced that they actually have common cause with the uber rich who control them, their thinking and the GOP. God forbid that they should actually spend some time in genuine reflection about what is truly right or wrong or what their Bible actually says or what genuine Christian behavior might be. My guess is that Jesus would be utterly horrified by the attitudes and policies these folks support in his name.Then there is the irrational reaction to the word socialism. If you actually spend a little time investigating what 'socialism' means and what 'capitalism' means you will discover that the first has much more in common with democracy (remember that word?) than the second. In fact I would say that both capitalism and our 'two party system' are both antithetical to any true concept of democracy. Of course to understand this or engage in any meaningful debate would involve actually thinking for themselves instead of regurgitating the crap fed them by Fox and the GOP. The sad fact is these folks have been co-opted through fear to ignore changes that are far more to their own benefit than anything proposed by those bent on keeping the 'haves' on their thrones and the rest of us, including those deluded souls in that protest, underneath the heels of their jackboots.

  3. "I am American. Therefor I have meaning."

    "My gun is my freedom."

    "Socialism is the government telling me what to do."

    "Other countries harbor evil. It is sometimes necessary for us to destroy it."

    "We are the greatest country in the world. We are always in the right whenever we come into any conflict with another country."

    "Want healthcare? Get a job and buy health insurance." to paraphrase the leader of the Ayn Rand society who spoke at that mass Washington tea party.

    "God has written His word in the Holy Bible. Whatever it says is true. And in my gut, and with all my heart and mind, I know it to be the sole truth."

    "The world is approximately six thousand years old."

    "Taxes are theft."

    "Regulation is big government squelching individual initiative."

    "Abortion is murder."

    "Obama is frightening because he is black, he is slick, he is the other. And an east coast pointy head to boot."

    "I have an instinctive distaste for anyone unlike myself, except the rich, who I respect and admire.

    "I hate everyone, including the rich."

    "I hate the poor with all their demands and needs. They only spoil the world."

    "I hate illegals, Mexicans, Africans, all those people who want to change my world."

    "English only."


    I bring these up because the people who closely hold them actually believe them. There may be degrees of rationalization here, the small businessman who cheats his customers and rationalizes by saying "everyone does it," but whatever the reasons the beliefs are just as strongly held.

    I don't think I would blame FOX and Murdoch et al for this. Murdoch, of course, puts his business interests first. But there is quite a large and genuine store of ugliness and failure in human nature for these attitudes to sprout from.