As Rachel Maddow has been saying lately...

...they're not embarassed, because they're not embarassable.

Think Progress:

Chris Wallace Calls The Perpetually Wrong Bill Kristol An ‘Expert’ On Iraq

For those of you playing at home, calling Bill Kristol an Expert on Iraq is like calling me an expert on fine wines.

Kristol’s propensity for error is so serious that, according to Newsweek’s Eric Margolis, Bill’s late father Irving Kristol sometimes lamented to an old family friend, “My poor son has got it wrong again.” Journalist Eric Alterman wrote in the Nation, “if one looks for a consistent pattern to Kristol’s perpetual wrongness, it’s not hard to discern. For Kristol is less interested in being correct than in advancing his side’s interests. He’s not a journalist; he’s an apparatchik working undercover as a man of the press.”

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  1. Who can figure these right wingers out? Especially a guy who went all the way through Harvard and obtained a PhD.

    Of course, we can look at the psychological motivations which drive these people on in their fantasies. And they are many.

    Truth? Ah, how they love to bandy the word "truth" about themselves. Why? Because they have been slapped in the face with it so many times. So, like good "apparatchiks," they fling it back.

    They do know how to project. Like one strain of rightwing nonsense which has occasionally filled the air recently is that Obama is a "moron." A teleprompter reader who can't speak on his own without getting lost. Really, they say that.

    Why do they say that? Well, look at all their high standing reps who have caused the normally intelligent to wonder. Michel Bachman, Sarah Palin, and now their latest, Scott Brown. Among many others. And, of course, there's their leader in all that, George Bush 43. Whose presidency we lay entirely on the lap of his tight little White House circle of Neocons and fundamentalists. Including Texas barbecue buddies.

    Scratch the surface of a "conservative" and you will find something missing. Sometimes something crucial. Such as human empathy, understanding, or a basic grounding in reality.

    We are in a deep national hangover from the previous administration. Obama was promising but may not have been the best choice. In some respects, though, I think he has brought a face of decency back to the country. He may be in awe of his own power, of its consequences, which may help explain why he appears to be cautious and conservative, but he is not insane. With Bush we couldn't tell if the problem was stupidity or insanity. That giddiness is still with us.