From Here to there

Complaining, complaining!

Methinks Lady Savage is taking this way too seriously, now.

What say'st thou, lovey? I making you "feel dirty," yet?


  1. Thank you Nausicaa. I knew I was feeling something as I saw that wench scrambling atop the lad there. "Dirty" was the perfect word for it. Well...not in the sense of shame. LUST was it! Of course lust doesn't have a good rep either: deadly sin and all that. But a lusty---er---savage burst of energy is just the ticket! My wife sometimes jumps my bones like that: a steam locomotive. All aboard!!!

  2. I am feeling a bit lusty. Must be my longing for Spring and to get out of these damn layers of clothes. And along with shedding clothing I'd like to shed some inhibitions.

    I'm terribly sorry I've been avoiding the Wulfshead. I haven't been traveling much farther than my own little world since I'm trying to polish my writing so I too can join the ranks of the published among you. And then there is twitter where a bit of harmless flirting seems always welcome.

    So dear Nausicaa, please forgive my tiny bit of exhibitionism. You are an artist. I'm a scribbler with an Imac that takes pictures. I work with the puny tools at my disposal and do the best I can.

  3. You young fellas cavort all you want. I'm going to have another drink.

  4. I am not so desperate that I feel the need to publicly ogle naughty posts and pics of scantily clad women. But don't think I don't appreciate them either.

    It is good to know how far I can go here.

  5. Thank you Jazzlog, it's nice to have a defender now and then.

  6. Men have a deep appreciation of sexually suggestive prose however they are often shy when it comes to engaging in meaningful dialogue concerning that prose. Men see that as a "woman thing."

  7. The fact is, contemporary romance novels sell five times more than all other literary genres put together. If John Blumenthal is right about this, that’s a lot of books.

    I quote:

    "Millions of lovelorn, dreamy, unfulfilled women read this dreck because they hope they’ll meet a handsome prince in the produce section and he’ll sweep them off their feet, or because the books just make them horny, probably both.

    But reading trashy-looking romance novels on the subway is embarrassing, as it should be. But if you show up with a Jane Austin novel you can delude yourself and others into thinking you’re reading something literary, thus making you appear “educated,” while actually dreaming of gallant princes and getting horny. Suddenly, you’re the weepy heroine longing for the guy in a waistcoat, high boots, and the brain power of lawn furniture.

  8. "The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar and familiar things new," isn't it what they say, sir?

  9. The Bartender speaks and is brilliant!