Honest to God, Senator, I say this with respect.

Go to bed, old man:

McCain: Blame Democrats for lack of Senate cooperation


  1. "go to bed old man!"

    How perfect that is!

  2. There is an old proverb:

    "First the man takes a drink. Then the drink takes a drink. Then the drink takes the man."

    I think the same thing is true of political hackery.

    Political hackery takes a tole on the spirit and the mind. And it shows. John McCain is an old man, but it does also affect younger men. And women too. Look at Amy Holmes. Sad, isn't it? A mind is such a terrible thing to waste.

    Let it be a warning to us all.

  3. I get called "old man" pretty often at my job in a middle school. I realize I'm old to those young people, but I also feel there's fear and prejudice in their calling me that. Fortunately I know they're kidding me and I don't feel threatened. But it brings to mind a quality of our society I really don't like. I think this is the second time I've seen McCain dismissed at The Wulfshead because of how old he is. Probably he should be judged instead on his performance and ideas.

  4. Well, as an individual entering into creeping old fartitude myself, I can' t say I'm offended. In fact, the phrase seems to aptly apply to McCain. (Certainly not to you Jazzo.) He comes off as merely old and tired. As if he has seen a far better day. For we all know that he has swung to the far right in order to beat off that yahoo J. D. Hayworth (sp?) And that though McCain often embodies the meanness of hardcore desert state conservatives he is not being himself here. And think of the humiliation of asking Sarah Palin to come in to offer her endorsement? How much craw did he have to eat to do that?

    Yes, McCain should go to bed now. Problem is, though, that leaves many young whipper snappers like John Thune and Norm Coleman still running around. And when the voters come in for a clean sweep to throw all the bums out their broom may be quite indiscriminate. Throwing useful members of Congress out too.