Okay, this guy (the one on the right) may have a problem. And we should (with all decency) sympathize with him. For, after all, throughout the history of politics cheap shots have come in many forms and ways. From the simple off-handed slander to murder most foul.

So considering what McCain was facing in the way of his career when this photo was shot - at one of the presidential debates - this unguarded second of exposure, as caught by the camera's cruel eye - we should all ooooh and ahhhhh at the man's valiant torturous ordeal. Which he clearly reveals here.

But is it about them, the politicians? Or about us? Considering what McCain was about to pull on the United States, at this moment when the country is down on its knees (Will the empire survive?), we may (or may not) be thankful the other guy won.

Think of Sarah Palin in the White House. Think of a senator who imbues the great moneyed conservatism of the desert states. Those super wealthy conservatives who believe only supporting and defending their families and territory is all that really counts. Who measure achievement in money and power. Who drive their big cars down empty highways in the middle of the night at a 120 miles an hour. Who can hardly constrain themselves when cruelty irresistibly comes up their gorges and comes out. Who see the poor as their lesser selves. Who hate everyone and anyone they see threatening their tight little worlds.

Where's Obama in all this? I still haven't figured that out. He certainly has no small amount of contempt for the left, as if also denying himself. Seeing such leftist attitudes as a weakness. As mere fads and PC vulgarity and blindness.

It may not be hard to empathize with this attitude knowing how awful the left can be. But denying the positive progressive advances and reforms the left offers out of disgust is also self defeating. And with the power he has as president that becomes hurtful of all Americans.

But we'll see. This game is hardly over.

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