Questions Children Ask

How does it poop?


  1. An impossibility. Unless that is a pygmy elephant.

    It may poop through the trunk. Or it may poop between the ears of the ass. Whatever way, it does not get the job done. That's for sure.

    The poop lodges, in fact, compact between the two exterior tubes. (Excluding those orifices dedicated to specific higher uses.) And there it simply rests. For a good long long time.

    Are the Republicans and Democrats the same? Hardly.

    Yes, there are differences. Though that they may shower together in the House and Senate locker room showers does not mean they sleep together. Not even if they get drunk together and forget the time of night.

    Though, true enough, Lobbyists get a bargain rate from these energetic harlots. And compromise brings them all down. Part of the job.

    For they do have to work together. Or once did.

    No, I hardly think Barbara Lee would ever be a Republican or that Marcia Blackburn would ever be a Democrat. (Did anyone catch that crowd of Republicans who stepped up, one by one, to the mike at the annual pro life rally in DC? Oh my god what a crew of ignorant semi literate backward hicks, thumping Bibles and a constant hate of the Other!)

    There are differences though.

    Yes, there really are. And that's Democracy, democracy at work. This lowest common denominator is what it has led to. As well as to some outstanding people.

    Don't blame me, though, if the wealthy half crazed religious rubes in some suburb of Minnesota vote for Michele Bachmann. My aching pain is knowing they would never vote for Barbara Lee. For when it comes to tit for tat they think exactly the same way about me.


    Frankly, I agree with the notion that politics is a weight we all have to bear whether we like to or not. And that, unfortunately, we can't escape from this unending mischegoss (sp?) which more often than not brings suffering to our lives. As well as some occasional relief.

  2. Ah! so that's what New Democrats look like :)

    No wonder they've been looking so constipated.

  3. The 2008 Democratic Primary pitted New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, a prominent DLC member, against Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who had previously stated that his positions on NAFTA, the Iraq War and universal health care made him "an unlikely candidate for membership in the DLC." However, President Obama has since surrounded himself with DLC members, including appointing one (Tim Kaine) chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In May 2009, President Obama declared to the House New Democrat Coalition, the congressional arm of the DLC, "I am a New Democrat."

    The rest is history.

    Drew Western (01/20/10):
    "It is a truly remarkable feat, in just one year's time, to turn the fear and anger voters felt in 2006 and 2008 at a Republican Party that had destroyed the economy, redistributed massive amounts of wealth from the middle class to the richest of the rich and the biggest of big businesses, and waged a trillion-dollar war in the wrong country, into populist rage at whatever Democrat voters can cast their ballot against.
    The President's steadfast refusal to acknowledge that we have a two-party system, his insistence on making destructive concessions to the same party voters he had sent packing twice in a row in the name of "bipartisanship," and his refusal ever to utter the words "I am a Democrat" and to articulate what that means, are not among his virtues. We have competing ideas in a democracy -- and hence competing parties -- for a reason. To paper them over and pretend they do not exist, particularly when the ideology of one of the parties has proven so devastating to the lives of everyday Americans, is not a virtue. It is an abdication of responsibility.