There is still no cure for the common birthday



  1. "Age is a State of Mind, not a Number"

  2. Yeah, gotta agree with that Jin. Though I'm sometimes startled bv the old guy I see when I look into a mirror. That's me?

    Look, you young whipper snappers may feel as if you're riding high, on top of the world, and look forward to old age as some distant place you don't want to be particularly bothered with. Fine. Age, like many other things, is hard to understand until once you actually get there. And if you're lucky you won't notice it, once there, much at all. Going about your business adjusting to the physical downturns but feeling fine. What's more, sickness can strike at any age. And, as for getting old, think of the alternative? That of not getting there. Is that better than being old? Being dead? You young whipper snappers better hope you make it. You may not, you know?

  3. Then again, I must add, age is also in the eye of the beholder.

    I have an 88 year old great aunt that is genuinely a sweet caring woman with a truly good heart. BUT- every time she comes to my shoppe to lend a helping hand (at least once per week for the past 15+ years) she berates me constantly; treats me like I'm an idiot & jinsinuates that I don't know what I'm doing.

    The other day it was just too much & I snapped at her reinforcing the fact that I've run this business for so long & I know very well what I'm doing. I raised my voice & said "I'm 36 years old! I manage everything myself! Think about it- do I ever really screw anything up around here?!!?"

    She was quiet for a second & thoughtfully replied, "You're 36? Really? Whenever I look at you I see you as still being 16."

  4. You're lucky. Quite advanced. I don't think I ever got past 7 with my mother. (Seven was a good year...except my sister was born. Oh oh, is the psychiatrist in the house?)