They hate us for our freedom

"We've always had individuals who strike out at the giant 'system' when they're feeling a sense of powerlessness and insignificance," says Jerrold Post.

You think?

Dr. Jerrold M. Post, a professor of political psychology at George Washington University, and the author of "Political Paranoia: The Psychopolitics of Hatred," is currently Chair of the APA's Task Force for National and International Terrorism and Violence.

Meanwhile in Washington . . .

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  1. No, no. They hate us for "who we are."

    I can't let that one slide. Especially when it comes to the French. Surely the most surly and envious people in the world. They pretty much had a free pass until we started our glorious war in Iraq. And, the snide contemptuous snooty French actually criticized us for it. And refused to go along.

    But we knew how to handle them, by God. We invented the "freedom fry!" And as for the Statue of Liberty we should pack it up and send it back to its original home. Though some speculators think it might look good in Nevada or Arizona next to the London Bridge. If there's money in it I think it should be first investigated. But we can certainly at least clean out Trader Joes of all its frozen frogs legs and escargot and ship it all right back. And as for the wine..... well, let's not go too far.

    Yes, the Capitalist Wonderland is on its knees. And they hate us for who we are. Our wealth, our power, our superiority. So, gang, let's gather up our bombs, drop a few here and there. Just to show them that we still have what it takes. And we may even start another war.

    Hell, people have already forgotten about the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe we should refresh our patriotic fervor with a nice little war with Venezuela? Or Bolivia? Just to get the patriotic juices flowing again?

    As for Wall Street here at home? Ah, don't worry about them. They know how to take care of themselves.