This is insulting!

I just wish they would stop calling it political Kabuki. Frankly, I find it insulting.

Kabuki derives from the verb kabuku, meaning "to lean" or to "to be out of the ordinary."

There is nothing "out of the ordinary" about the political theater Obama & Co and Congress have been staging. Just business as usual. A bad B movie poorly written: everybody knows already how it's gonna end and who's done it, and who will get the shaft. And yet, there is nothing you can do about it (the movie has already been cut), as you watch one and a half hour of mediocre writing, and bad acting. Not to mention the half-truth oratory and thought-terminating clichés of the sanctimonious animatronics marionette currently sited in the oval office.

Call it a bad Soap Opera, if you must, but Kabuki it isn't---Kabuki has style.

Or else make them all wear makeup!


  1. What's the difference between Obama and Bush?

    It took Bush a few months to perfect his power walk. Obama did it right away.

    Bush's facial gestures never changed, whether he was talking about Armageddon, nuclear war (when he could pronounce it) or the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the White House. It didn't matter. Bush offered the squint, grin, and emphasize, as in clearly enunciating a word the folks out there may not know, such as "decider," as in "I'm the decider," etc. Yup, he had a way.

    Obama's face never changes irregardless (is that a word?) whatever he's talking about. The point being, look presidential. So in that regard I guess Obama is no different from Bush. It's just that the label on his particular bottle is a little higher class. Look the part! That being what a lot of folks vote for.

    So now the loony left is over there in Nowhereville with the loony right, Sarah Palin and the like. If Obama can't marginalize them the media will do it for him.

    Oh thanks, Barack. So you too know this tax cut deal is lousy. And feel our pain. But those who actually complain about it are over there in the loonyland of the far left? We're unrealistic. So you attack us instead of the Republicans.

    But we are unrealistic because we hoped your fire would be directed at the right. And that you might have worked for a better deal. (That's what you're paid for.) I guess that just shows we don't understand the profound sanctity of the "sacred center," right? Even though you yourself have said the deal has some terrible provisions.

  2. Oh, and another thing. I once thought Denzel Washington, were he alittle younger, would do Obama perfectly in the film about him. Now I think Obama has done Denzel Washington perfectly.

  3. I don't think Obama can hear you, Quinty.

  4. One of the dancers is bending backward. What do you think? Must be a Democrat.

  5. I wonder where Brer Obama's Laughing Place is.