Listen to them — children of the night.


What music they make.

I mean, don't you just  ❤️ Washington?

That picture says it all, one of those moments in time that truly encapsulates the dynamic of power in Washington. 👇🏼

What is he thinking, one wonders...

"Who is that woman?"

He looks mildly amused. And more than a little patronizing.

"Progressive Democrats! They are so cute, at that age."

Aren't they, though?

It's like a meeting between the CEO of some big corporation and an inexperienced delegate from some fledgling union. She went in there with some demands, presented in a very deferential, some would say obsequiously submissive way, and came out with nothing. And worse, reneged apologetically, some would say abjectly, on her demands. And, even worse, renounced and disavowed the people who had placed their trust in her to represent them. I mean, WOW! 😮 Spineless much?

Or was it just political Kabuki?

Who knows?

People like Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (above), or Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her like, are wet behind the ears, and shaking in their boots in the presence of the ageless vampires of Washington DC. Some of them mean well (in spite of their impotency and lack of know-how to change anything), most know better and are well aware that they owe their position to the good will of the undeads and will keep that position only so long as they remain in the good graces of those vampires who will eat them alive if they cross them.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was one of them, young and lacking experience in Washington political jungle, except that she was brave enough to stand her ground. Not everyone has that kind of courage — or reckless audacity.

One knows what it got her.

And who knows what became of supposedly more experienced politicians, like former Rep. Dennis John Kucinich?

Or, reputedly savvy politicians, the like of the senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders?

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