Excuse me...Bartender...oh, Bartender!

I know you already reassured me that I had the wrong idea about that waitress, and I was prepared to accept that I was simply being paranoid. However, I must now ask that you have several very strong words with the men's room attendant.

But please...don't tell her that I complained to you.

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  1. The men's room attendant, sir? I am not sure what the gentleman is talking about. I don't know that The Wulfshead' ever had any washroom attendant. But then again, as I may have mentioned it before nothing definite may be said of The Wulfshead—save that it is vast; nor of its washroom—save that it beggars description. Did you know that beyond almost every door lies another world? And through those doors come people and creatures of every description, sir. Not all are monsters, mind you. In point of fact most visitors are human, just like you are, sir. And, indeed, most of the nonhuman "guests" are decent enough sorts.

    If you run again into that "men's room attendant", sir, try not to let it bother you, and accept it as part of the ambience at the club. I understand that restroom attendants can perform essential services like mending a hem. For that task, give the attendant $2 or $3 — but even if she's simply handing you a paper towel, tip at least 50 cents. Just make sure the paper is not made of virgin woods, sir.