Learn to seduce women

I don't know, sir. The house doesn't condone nor condemn the posting of bills - within moderation.

It looks to me like this one might have possibly been left by that gentleman from Toronto...

They are a strange sort, sir.

Why, yes, sir, a funny looking fellow with a handlebar mustache and a top hat. I see you have met him.

I can't be sure it was him. Come to think of it, he didn't stay very long. He just dropped by, took a look at the place and left. He said that he had never felt so bored in the presence of alcohol. What can I say, sir. I just pour the drinks. The Wulfshead is not for everyone, I suppose. And, well, maybe the gentleman had a point. If truth be told, just between you and me, sir, sometime some of the patrons... Well, they can sometimes take themselves rather seriously, if you know what I mean. Why, sir, there have been days when I have gotten pretty bored myself. That's the thing with alcohol, its effects do vary with people and with the general mood of the time. It can relax, depress, cause aggression... Some feel merry and laugh a lot more than normal. With me, it tends to make me talk too much!


  1. It is a well established tradition that The Wulfshead welcomes complaints about errors that warrant correction. So I feel obligated to post the following amendment by "the Gentleman from Toronto," who, as it turns out, is not a Gentleman at all---I stand corrected---but a Lady:

    Good Day Concierge Lloyd,

    I did enjoy my brief stay at The Wulfshead, but I was overwhelmed by confusion. I may have made an incorrect assumption in that it seemed like an exclusive tavern for pretentious philosophers, armchair poets, the YouTuber fringe, and modern revolutionaries. Unfortunately, I am none of these things, because these matters hold no meaning to me. I was unsure if I should write something, or just leave a comment, but my comment never showed up, -- so I did what most spooked and uncomfortable patrons would do: I panicked and left before I could summon up the courage to ask for an explanation.

    However, I am writing you now to clarify something with the Bartender. He is a gentle and polite soul indeed, but should be informed that I am no Gentleman. I am, in fact, quite a Lady. See attached image for original Katrocket icon.

    I see no reason to take offense at this gross error in gender attribution, as I realize this misunderstanding may be the result of viewing Rocketradio's icon of the Dastardly Dr. Squirrel, our most popular morning radio personality. I am obligated to post his photo for contractual reasons during the Ides of March, but I assure you that Katrocket has no moustache or top hat, and I submit these random posts as recent proof of my womanhood:

    So please don't call me sir anymore, but I must admit that I enjoyed the post you wrote about my magical ways with the ladies. There is a kernel of truth in that, and I am grateful for your interest. Dimitri The Lover sends his kind regards.

    I am always up for a drink, friend, so I shall continue to peek in the windows at the Wulfshead, and may consider rejoining if someone could kindly explain to me what the fuck is going on in there. I think you're a right handsome chap, Lloyd, but I just don't understand some of the weirdness.

    best wishes,

    Kat Rocket

  2. It was all an honest mistake, you know.

  3. I mean, with the mustache and all.

  4. Yes, Bartender, just what in tarnation is going on here?

  5. I wouldn't know, Ma'am. The band split up after the release of Mirador in 1997. Frazer continues touring and recording under her own name, while Oropeza, Cuevas and Byrnes continued with their own band, Broken Horse.

  6. btw, bartender, I don't see anywhere the
    "attached image," that Kat Rocket mentions in her message.

  7. True enough, Ma'am. Let me see what I can do to correct that. I'll have to talk to the concierge about it.

  8. Ah, and here it is, Ma'am: the attached image for the original Katrocket icon that the gentlelady from Toronto was kind enough to include in her e-mail.

  9. I am not sure whether this is related but here is another pic: via Freeda B, MD, "done to the Dance of I'm a Little Teapot - Except with Squirrelly Gestures."