I guess I have the same question as everyone else...

...what, Fox isn't enough?


  1. No, apparently not. More than ninety percent of talk radio is - well - I almost said rightwing. That would be moderate. It's like far out ultra rightwing wingnut extremist trash talk which gives us..... Glenn Beck? Rush Lintball? On and on......

    I wonder how much of an influence these voices have on American opinion? Democrats still win elections.

    What I find scary is the "vote the bums out" notion. With that philosophy - and there have been far more outlandish attempts to create an "ideal" government - worse bums are usually voted in than the bums voted out. And the right may gain many seats. Not on the merits, of course. But simply because the incumbents are "bums." And a majority of them today are Democrats.

    Hopefully, in progressive districts, this infection won't work. But in swing districts? Will most of the Blue Dogs be swept out? Not that they will necessarily be missed. But they do vote with the party from time to time. And their inclusion strengthens the progressives who need their help, not only to retain the majority but to get legislation passed.

    But we'll see.

  2. "No opinion on outside issues"? How's Kelsey's serenity doing today?

  3. Kelsey Grammer: "I Was Addicted To Danger And Dangerous Girls"


    You gotta love some of the comments on that post.

    "What a rogue- a real libertine! What happened? Did he crack up his kraut car with some teenie and the dope he bought for him/her? O! the outrage! The disgrace! LOL. him and Hopper and Bush need to be told to their face that they've never done anything wrong in their lives- they just got scared when they were too wasted, that's all. Now of course they think they're saints with the wisdom of profligate youth - sadder but dumber..."