Let's look in upon the Wulfshead cooks

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  1. I've been told over the years that I'm a very good cook. Yet last night I cooked a wretched meal for a man I was meeting again after forty nine years. I discovered that I am now not only shallow, and care a bit too much about a man's looks, but I'm quite capable of being both cruel in my blunt honesty, but also quite capable of cooking a horrible, inedible meal. I'm hoping that the food is better here, and that none of the men I meet at the Wulfshead are sporting a comb over to cover a bald spot or compensating for baldness on top with a long scraggly ponytail. If you are bald embrace you baldness with a really good haircut. Baldness can be sexy. A combover never is sexy. Even if you're very wealthy, charming and smart, trying to disguise baldness isn't appealing. I suppose shallowness in a woman isn't terribly charming or sexy either. But if you have to ask "was it good for you?" if your partner is honest, you probably won't like the answer.