Intelligenge IS an aphrodisiac

It will happen, now and then, that a patron will approach the bar and ask: "why hasn't the management ever invited such and such [fill in the blank] for a drink at the Wulfshead?"

So thoughtful of you to ask. I wouldn't know, Ma'am. What I do know, is that people just find their way here - that is the nature of the Wulfshead.

Why, yes, indeed; the gentlelady got a point: one way of finding's one's way here is by way of an invitation---very observant, Ma'am.

Well, if truth be told, the last time a guest speaker was introduced to the Wulfshead, it How shall I put it? As I recall, it was less than an invigorating experience, if you know what I mean . . .

Especially with the younger crowd.

I hear you, Ma'am; I understand that this is, of course, not the kind of guest the gentlelady had in mind.

Yes, the gentlelady is so right about this: intelligence IS an aphrodisiac. And so, why, yes, indeed, Ma'am, it can be arranged. If it so pleases the gentlelady, the bartender will extend an invitation to Blue Gal.

When? Why, immediately—by your command, Ma'am.

It's just that most of the people, that some of the patrons here have suggested we invite, are usually so busy. And so,  the gentlelady does understand, of course, that the management cannot guarantee that Blue Gal will respond to the invitation.

True enough, Ma'am: everyone can use a drink, now and then. We will give it a try.

Why, the gentlelady is welcome—we aim to please, Ma'am. If there is anyone else the gentlelady, or any of her friends here at the Wulfshead, would care to invite, please feel free to talk to your bartender about it:


  1. Blue Gal is a charming choice. Let's hope she has a bit of time for us.

  2. I don't know, her mouth is strangely small...especially if she's bestial. I do like polka dots though.

  3. Ha. I cannot blog here but I'm delighted to stop by for a wee draught now and then...Thank ye kindly.

  4. Always a pleasure having you here, Ma'am. So glad you found some time to drop by.

    Obviously, the gentlelady must have struck a favorable chord with some the patrons here. The management will on occasions extend invitations out to prospective new members they find of interest. And, well, the fact hasn't gone unnoticed with a patron who insisted that the management contact you, Ma'am.

    You wouldn't believe some of the requests I receive, Ma'am. Why, just today, one gentleman requested that I send an invitation to the President of the United States of America.