May I present Diana Krall


  1. Does she take requests? If she sings I've Got You Under My Skin (courageous performer, unafraid to go deep into Sinatra territory) I'm going to have to ask someone to dance. Ms. Savage appears to have work boots on so I may need to approach Nausicaa, who looks rather dreamy tonight. I'd better ask the Bartender about protocol in here.

  2. There's protocol? Oh dear.

    If we can't get Etta James, I say book Diana for next weekend.

  3. I do believe Ms Krall, the wife of Elvis Costello, does sing "I've Got You Under My Skin."

    And I do not wear work boots unless I'm working outdoors. But I have been a bartender and as a bartender I wore a black dress with a plunging neckline. My presence behind the bar doubled the bar's business in one month.

  4. I wish you hadn't mentioned Elvis Costello. However, the plunging neckline just regained my attention. The work boots AND the plunging neckline may drive me to distraction. (It's a very short trip actually.) Bartender, please bring me a double!