Riding to an Unknown Destination in Style

Asking, "How did I get here?"
is usually a question I regret,
so I just take it at face value.
It seems I awoke to this consciousness
rather abruptly in one sense,
but when I think back on the matter,
there are flickers of recognition
that seem to want to make their way
into my perceptual field.

I do not let them.

"It's more fun that way,"
are the words I believe...
at my own peril.


That's not a word in my book,
but rather three pasted together
rather haphazardly
(a finer word than this, however, there is not).

"You have a book?" asked Noble.

Ohhh, you bet I do.


  1. Did you get there (here?) in those wheels?

    English should borrow a precept or three from the Germans and create more smushed-together words. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Randal, how nice to see you here. Let's have a drink.